Loyalty cards – how NedFox & Garden Connect work together to bring you a market leading solution

Loyalty cards are used by many retailers to collect contact details and make analysis. The power of big online retailers such as eBay and Amazon is that they know their customers: not personally, but thanks to the great amount of data they know exactly who they should approach and at what time.

RetailVista loyalty marketing

Many consider Amazon to be a data analysis company rather than a webshop. But how can you use RetailVista to run a loyalty scheme and how can Garden Connect help you to integrate this into your online marketing strategy? 

RetailVista loyalty

NedFox’ EPoS named RetailVista offers you the possibility to create your own loyalty card and build up a great, valuable customer base. The customer integration of RetailVista with the Garden Connect platform offers your clients a complete customer journey, online & offline. 

Loyalty card: self-service via your website

You can use the loyalty card module within RetailVista to create a loyalty card for your garden centre. As soon as the module is set up, your customers are able to log in to your website:

  • Register the loyalty card online
  • Check all receipts
  • Look into and edit their personal data
  • View the current number of points

It is also possible to link missing transactions to the loyalty card in order to collect points, in case they forgot their card.

Loyalty card

The login through your own website will save you time and give members of your loyalty scheme all the freedom they want. 

Loyalty cards for multiple locations

NedFox and Garden Connect also offer solutions for garden centres with multiple locations. By using eLoyalty franchise organisations, collaborating garden centres and family businesses are able to offer a multi-branch loyalty scheme.  

The integration with eLoyalty has already been implemented successfully in multiple garden centres. For example, the Dutch garden centre GroenRijk uses the integration to be able to offer its Groenkaart scheme among their 28 centres across the country: a great example of a successful loyalty card for garden centres. 

More opportunities

Apart from the online registration and login for cardholders, it is also possible to connect the RetailVista or eLoyalty card to your webshop, use the card in an app or send targeted personal e-mails after a purchase.  

If you’re using RetailVista, setting up your loyalty cards is a good step forward. You learn more about your customer base and you can use the data via the Garden Connect platform to get more out of it. 

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