Thank You for visiting at GLEE 2019

Wow! What a show! Thank you to all the visitors who came to see us at GLEE 2019. NedFox have again had a really enjoyable GLEE and met many businesses who are keen to modernise their EPoS or are thinking about adding EPoS for the first time.

We have been getting in touch with all our visitors and will keep you posted on developments as we can!

Thank you glee 2019
NedFox stand GLEE 2019


We felt the quality of visitors to the show this year was the best it has ever been and would like to thank everyone who came to see us; it was great to meet you all and we look forward to continuing the conversations started at GLEE.

The organisers also did a great job in looking after us so we would also like to extend another big thank you to everyone who helped put the show together. We will see you again next year and have plans to make an even bigger impact! Watch this space!

Thank you glee
NedFox’ Dave Everett and Martin Tank talking to visitors

For NedFox, one of the nicest elements of the show was seeing that businesses are really beginning to accept cloud based solutions as the only real way to run a business in a modern world. The benefits of our cloud based EPoS; RetailVista, are many and visitors were most impressed by our mobile APP; RetailVista Mobile, and by our cloud backoffice available from anywhere in the world at anytime.

NedFox Benefits of the cloud;

  • Available anywhere, anytime, via a browser. We do not limit the number of users so if you have 1 or 100 members of staff, all of you can be logged in to the backoffice from a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC while you work without any slowdown or extra charges!
  • Cloud solutions are the future, there is no downside, only positives! We have invested 50 man years of development into RetailVista which ensures we offer a reliable and stable solution!
  • Helps fulfil some GDPR requirements as the data is safe and secure
  • Takes some major I.T. out of the business. We will look after your cloud and technology, leaving you to run your business
  • Speed – Our cloud sits on the back bone of one of the fastest internet lines in the world in Amsterdam, we never lose connectivity
  • Backup – We worry about your backups, you run your business
  • No end of day polling – All sales and product information, in fact everything, is in real-time which eliminates the older EPoS method of end of day polling between tills and/or stores
  • NedFox are the market leaders of garden centre EPoS in Europe. We have over 400 garden centres trust in our cloud based solution (that’s 2000+ tills)
  • And more! We could go on all day about how our cloud solution can help you business!

It is easy to get in touch with us, you can either call us on 020 369 50 219 or email us at or request a demonstration here