Marketing Services

We are proud to have fellow leaders in innovation and specialists in garden centre marketing strategies, Garden Connect, as one of our partners.

As the HTA’s digital partner, Garden Connect are the industry leaders in online services with more than 300 garden centres trusting them with their websites, webshops, web content and marketing services.

Together we are nearing 140 integrations with our RetailVista EPoS suite and Garden Connect where we have co-cooperatively helped improve efficiency and automation.


Marketing Services

  • Webshop(s) integration(s); Webshop product information, stock, images and offers can be populated from RetailVista. Customers purchases are sent from the webshop to the Sales Orders within the tills for picking, shipping or collection.
  • Direct Marketing based on customer purchases; Customer purchases can be reported on in detail, offering great information for marketing. Why not run a report in June for all customers who bought a BBQ, then send them an email suggesting great promotions on BBQ add ons like gas, covers, utensils or novelty aprons!
  • Daily news/Plant Tips/Newsletters; Garden Connect provide great marketing content written by professional writers. News and tips can be added to your website to save you the effort of a time consuming task. Newsletters can also be provided which you can then send out to customers, again saving you the effort of putting this together yourself.
  • Loyalty integrations; ustomers can pick up a loyalty card from the till, the cashier takes only the customers postcode which acts as their online registration code. The customer can then go to your website and finish the registration. During the registration really good information is taken such as date of birth and email address. From this moment customers can spend and redeem points both in store and via your online shop
  • Amazon integrations;
  • And more

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Webshop Integration(s)

Products added to RetailVista can easily be marked for sending to a Garden Connect webshop. WIthin a few minutes of telling a product to be available online, the product can be found and bought by customers. There is no extra process of using Excel (for example) in this method and the link is as simple as possible to make it easy for you ti use. The integration allows stock changes due to shop and online sale to come back into RetailVista for accurate stock control. Orders are sent from the webshop to RetailVista for picking, shipping, stock control and reporting. New prices and offers are also linked but you can also have different pricing online to enable you to be more competitive with online sales. Multiple webshops can be controlled by this integration too. And your loyalty customers can earn points on online and in-store purchases. Integrations with other websho providers is also possible. Please get in touch if you would like to investigate this possibility.

Direct Marketing

Direct Digital Marketing based on customer purchases and visiting habits

Through our partnership with Garden Connect, we are able to analyse your customers visiting habits and also the products they are purchasing. Working in two ways, the first is marketing based on specific purchases; so a customer can buy a BBQ, in one week the customer will receive a friendly email from you, all automated, asking how they are getting on with it and perhaps offering a discount on a cover or tools. The second is deliberately prepared marketing based on the season and visiting habits. For example; all loyalty customers can be sent an email of a specific loyalty-customer-only discount over the Easter weekend, or all customers who have not visited in 6 months can be sent an email trying to entice them back in some way. One customer recently emailed 700 customers who had not visited in 6 months offering them a special discount over a weekend. Out of the 700, 40% of the targeted customers responded to the offer bringing in an extra 7k of revenue over that weekend.

“I would highly recommend RetailVista as an EPoS solution!”

“Easy to learn and work with, experts help with the implementation.”

“The software impressed me and it felt good.”

“Now that the system is in, we are so pleased that we chose RetailVista.”

Daily news

Daily news/Plant Tips/Newsletters

Automated content and newsletter marketing. It can be difficult to find the time to keep your website updated, but this is something that really should be done as Google can drop your site down the rankings if it is not regularly updated with new content. With our partnership with Garden Connect, your website can be kept up-to-date with seasonally relevant and professionally written tips and news. With newsletters the copy is prepared for you, again by professional writers from the industry. You can then edit, amend or leave as is and it will be sent to any customers who have signed up for newsletters. Additionally, you can easily opt out of ones that may not be completely relevant to your business.

Loyalty-/Savings card integrations

With our loyalty integrations between RetailVista and Garden Connect, we can give your customers a much more connected journey from the store to the website. Customers can login to your website and see loyalty points balances alongside in-store and online sales history. Points can be accrued online and in-store. Additionally, our loyalty integration with Garden Connect allows for the powerful Direct Digital Marketing service.

(Digital-) Giftcard integration

Online digital giftcards you offer your webshop customers the perfect gifting opportunity. Perfect for when a webshop customer needs a last minute present as the digital giftcard is delivered via email the moment you purchase it. As the giftcard is for in-store or online use for your business only, you can gain new customers who may have received one as a gift and also some extra revenue from giftcards not redeemed.

Amazon integration

Our marketing integrations and partnerships give you the benefit of integrating their stock lines into Amazon. This option can be fully stock controlled, with orders linked back to the RetailVista sales orders function for picking, shipping and stock control. Many of our customers found the Amazon integration to be a business life line in the Corona crisis (ongoing at time of writing).

Application Programming Interface (API)

With the help of the RetailVista™ API (Application Programming Interface), you can connect all your business software solutions together. In this instance RetailVista becomes the kernel database for the business with all other software solutions able to interact with the care database by sending and receiving information.

See: Application Programming Interface (API)


Customers can save points with the loyalty scheme. Points are added to product groups, but can also be increased to gain more footfall on specific quiet periods with multiple point promotions available. In store promotions and discounts can be made available to ‘loyalty card-holders’ only. Multiple loyalty card types can be set-up (Retail, Staff, Trade, Friends and Family etc).


See: Point of Sale (EPoS) – Loyalty

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