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Loyalty cards – how NedFox & Garden Connect work together to bring you a market leading solution

Loyalty cards are used by many retailers to collect contact details and make analysis. The power of big online retailers such as eBay and Amazon is that they know their customers: not personally, but thanks to the great amount of data they know exactly who they should approach and at what time. Many consider Amazon […]

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J A C K P O T…. Out of the box thinking from NedFox

Reward a random customer and make their day. Enable bonus rewards based on number of transactions. With our RetailVista ePOS solution, you can use one of our great features to enable your tills to offer bonus Jackpots to a random customer based on number of transactions. For example, you can choose to give every 25th customer £5 on their rewards card. Or every […]

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Plant barcoding optimalisation

Mark Vroom, CTO of NedFox is visiting Leurs garden center in Venlo for process optimisation barcoding of plants. RetailVista has recently been able to process EKT messages from the auctionclock and Excel sheets with VBN codes to ViridiCode bar codes, Great time savings For our Dutch readers, see: http://www.viridicode.nlFor our English readers; contact us via […]

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