Financial Integration

Are you currently doubling up some of the work due to lack of integrations with your EPoS and financial solutions? Is the information placed in your accounts not entirely 100% due to lack of good information available from your current solutions?

With RetailVista you are able to produce many financial reports and place the information directly to your accounts package. This saves your accounts person lots of time and avoids double entry of figures already available in RetailVista. With the link, information required from the accounts package is simply sent from RetailVista to your accounts package through our open API. This means RetailVista is the hub of all your business retail activity such as product sales, customer invoices and purchases.


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Financial integrations

Send product sales, customer invoices and supplier purchase data directly to your accounts package. We currently support integration into the popular ‘Sage’ accounts packages which is a huge time saving feature for many of our businesses.

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Sage integration

We integrate with Sage accounts and several others for simple accounting. We also export every bit of data in a format that your accounts package will be able to work with. Use our contact form or call us for more information (we will want to know what you need and what accounts package you are using).


See: API

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“Now that the system is in, we are so pleased that we chose RetailVista.”

Giftcards (HTA / In-house / others)

With our multiple options of Giftcards, your customers will always be able to find something to buy for someone special. We allow you to have your own in-house giftcard, and also integrate with the latest HTA giftcard scheme. The giftcards themselves have no value until they are sold to a customer which means you can use your HTA and/or in-store giftcards to create great displays knowing that if one of those cards wanders off you have not lost any more than the few pence the cards cost to be printed and sent to you. In-store giftcards can create a very positive cash flow with a large number of giftcards never being redeemed. Customer returns can also be processed onto a giftcard which prevents the need for refunding to cash or credit card and ensures any money refunded will stay in the business.



With garden centre Restaurants, Tearooms and Cafés booming in recent years, we have made sure we could deliver a great hospitality module to ensure you only need one EPoS solution to help you operate your whole business.

Our hospitality functionality will allow you to sell your food and drink through either pay-as-you-go canteen style, or through our table service option with the option of tables adding to their meal as they go and paying for it at the end. When till staff and servers input a customers food and drinks order, a special heat resistant printer in the kitchen can receive a print out with table number and any extra dietary notes required for the chef to prepare. Additionally, your drinks and dessert section can get another print out so they can prepare their side of a meal. With Kitchen and Bar printed receipts, never miss an order again, and avoid staff having to bump into each other as they pass hand written notes around the different departments. This solution is really flexible and will meet the demands of your hospitality business.

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