Statistics & Reporting

Is generating your reports time consuming? Are you struggling to get the right data out of your current EPoS system, or are you looking for your first EPoS solution in order to give your business the reporting information you need to keep ahead of your competition? Can you only see your sales information at the end of the day after polling?

RetailVista offers thousands of reports. Reports on daily takings, period on period comparisons, customer sales, sales by operator, product range/specific reports over any date range or sales above a set amount. All this information is available for you through the backoffice from anywhere in the world in true real-time.


Bring your business to the next level! EPoS with the power of:

Extende statistics  Business Intelligence HTA Benchmarking
Application Programming Interface (API)

Acces data anytime anywhere, for better business decisions. 

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Statistics & Reporting

RetailVista offers true real-time sales reporting capabilities to give your business up-to-the-second accurate information. There are dozens of pre-compiled reports, where you can select from none, one, or many of the hundreds of filters available. Out of the hundreds and hundreds of sales reports you can generate, popular reports are group summaries over a date range, or fully detailed by product of the same. Perhaps compared with last year over the same date range. Current days takings reports can be generated and compared with the same day last year. Supplier reports for when reps come in to show how well or how badly the range is selling. And many, many more. Your favourite or most used reports can be saved and easily generated the next time. All our reports can be displayed on screen or exported to Excel for spreadsheet viewing. Product Statistic reports are also available on our powerful RetailVista mobile APP.

How RetailVista makes your live easier. 

Retail is fiercely competitive. We keep you two steps ahead of your competition.

Extended statistics

Our Sales Statistics module offers optimum awareness of your business regarding: sales, margins, receipts and stock position

  • Statistics regarding sales, stock purchases, stock on order and sales orders.
  • Statistics based on 31 different key-figures.
  • Extra stat’s available on: per year, per month, day of the week, part-day and site.
  • Comprehensive selection available, including time-based comparisons.
  • Possibility to create templates for the regularly used statistics.
  • Display to screen or export to Excel.
  • Sales-based fields: gross retail price, standard purchase price, turnover, number sold, scan percentage, number of customers, purchase value of turnover, margins, margins as %, VAT and discount.
  • Stock-based fields: stock numbers and value, stock,turn.
  • Receipt: goods-in, numbers and value.
  • Purchase orders: outstanding back-orders in numbers and value.
  • Sales orders: outstanding back-orders in numbers and value.
  • Sales Group Description / Products / Physical Sales.
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Business Intelligence (BI) provides insight into all Key Performance Indicators…

…that are important to you and your business! Keep reading to learn more about Business Intelligence (BI).

BI gives crucial information on turnover, margin, stock, stock-turn, customer-counters, financial indicators and more. It integrates all areas of the business in our Backoffice ERP solution. Consequently all important business information is immediately accessible for you to make important decision around the day to day running of your store.

  • BI: The only way to get well-timed answers to crucial questions, and stay ahead of your competition.
  • Huge Data from the total operation of a retailer is converted into interpretable information.
  • BI relates to the collection and analysis of internal and external information and to condense this into decision-making information.
  • Business comparison.
  • All data from various sources in one application – RetailVista, but also external ERP or accounting systems.
  • Relevant searches within all available data.
  • Real-time answers to all your business questions.
  • Display for correct data and the resulting proper analyses are an integral part of good Product Information Management.
  • Use of a proven platform on the basis of Qlik Business Intelligence Software.
  • Skilled and technical BI consultants and specialised business analysts available.
  • Different dashboards available around the most common questions around your KPI’s.
  • Available dashboards: sales, online sales, stock, financial and more.

“I would highly recommend RetailVista as an EPoS solution!”

“Easy to learn and work with, experts help with the implementation.”

“The software impressed me and it felt good.”

“Now that the system is in, we are so pleased that we chose RetailVista.”

HTA Garden Retail Monitor (GRM)

Online platform allowing HTA members to benchmark their sales against regional and national averages.
All data is exported to the HTA servers via RetailVista EPoS in an encrypted secure way.
Analysis can be made for sales / product categories over specific time frames. Gross profit% and average
transaction value’s and more.

See: Garden Retail Monitor

Application Programming Interface (API)

Integrate all of your business software solutions to RetailVista with our 100% open API platform.

If you have several software solutions in place for your business such as accounting software, webshop software and more, then we imagine that you spend some amount of time manually marrying up information between the systems.


See also: Application Programming Interface (API)

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