What is EPoS ?

What is EPoS

What is EPoS exactly?

EPoS stands for Electronic Point of Sale and is an essential tool when running a retail business. Electronic Point of Sale ensures the day to day operation of the business runs smoothly and consists of backoffice software, linked to hardware on the shop floor. Hardware  such as a computerised till (or many tills) with rear facing screens, barcode scanning of goods through your checkout, receipt printers, cash drawer, weighing scales and integrated chip and pin. EPoS enables you and your staff to sell goods through your tills, taking payment quickly and efficiently.

Any agreed customer discounts, product discounts and/or offers can be added to the EPoS so these offers and discounts apply automatically, meaning your staff would no longer need to remember all of your special offers and customer discounts. It allows you to build a GDPR compliant customer database which can be used for determining customer spending habits while also offering your customers cash rewards for buying with you in the form of loyalty bonus points. The backoffice of an EPoS system offers managers and trusted staff the tools to see what is selling, how quickly, what are the margins, and if or when should I order more. It can also determine at the click of a button just how much stock you have in the business and the cost valuations.

Business owners worry that EPoS means more time in the back office in front of the computer. With RetailVista we actually enable your team to spend MORE time on the shop floor. RetailVista Mobile is one of these tools. Simply installed on phones, tablets or rugged devices, you and your team can bring the back office and many powerful functions with you as you walk the store. RetailVista Mobile puts the following powerful functionality in the palm of your hands; Product Information, Ordering, Goods-In, Labelling, Statistics, Stock taking, Stock adjustments, price changing, sales orders and more.

Experienced EPoS team

NedFox have been providing EPoS solutions since 1994. Offering the best in modern retail software and support, RetailVista is now helping over 400 retail businesses with a combined total of over 2000 tills, efficiently run their business. Our experienced staff members will help you learn and use your new RetailVista EPoS solution through a combination of both remote and on-site training and installation sessions, ensuring to work at your speed and technical knowhow, educating on latest technologies where required.

There are many benefits to operating a modern EPoS solution such as RetailVista. Through a combination of improving efficiencies, automation and reducing the potential for human error, EPoS has been proven to increase business profits. It ensures your products are managed correctly. Any good, modern retail solution like RetailVista should simply be able to show you products that do or do not sell well. It should allow till staff to sell goods easily, automatically applying offers where applicable. It should eliminate mistakes made at the till entirely by staff. In particular, a common error is miss-keying amounts on manual chip and pin devices. With integrated chip and pin, amounts are pushed from the till directly to the chip and pin device. This entirely eliminates the possibility of wrong amounts taken on card payments.

RetailVista also lets you log into the back office from anywhere in the world, home, holidays, or the shop floor. We believe EPoS should work for you and be easy to access and manage. In the world we live in today, the ability to work from home is a must have for EPoS solutions.

RetailVista works perfectly in a variety of retail sectors;

About RetailVista™

RetailVista by NedFox is the leading EPoS and management solution for garden centres. We have succesfully automated over 400 garden centres with over 2000 tills across Europe.

EPoS should work around your business, allowing you to become more efficient in all aspects of running your store. Everyone uses their EPoS differently as no two businesses are the same. We completely recognise this and give you the option of adding or removing modules as required; meaning you are not paying for what you are not using!

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