ViridiCode – NedFox’s answer to the long-standing need for universal coding of plants

ViridiCode consists of a unique two-dimensional barcode where the barcode represents a specific plant batch. Because the code is unique worldwide, a link can be made from the retail environment to, for example, delivery notes, using the same code. As a result, the purchase price can be retrieved, for example, without it showing in the barcode itself.

For the recognition of the plant variety, use can be made of the VBN (Vereniging Bloemenveiling Nederland) coding, the Varb table of Stichting Beurshal and many other variants.

Stock availability

With the introduction of the ViridiCode, a standard message has also been created for publication of stock availability lists. Garden centres can easily use such lists to place orders.

Sales information

The sales information can be communicated back to trading parties, based on the ViridiCode, i.e. for auto-replenishment, as well as obtaining meaningful statistics about which lines sell best, has become extremely simple through the introduction of ViridiCode.

Interest in the ViridiCode is already high. Not only in the Netherlands,
but also from the United Kingdom and Belgium, among others. The results
of this project is followed with great interest.

Before the garden centre industry will roll this out on a grand scale, the ViridiCode will be tested in the spring season of 2018 in the Netherlands.

More information at:
(this site will be translated into UK/English in the next week(s))