The Dutch buying & marketing group GroenRijk goes live with their group loyalty scheme.

The GroenRijk Garden Centre Group, with members throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and an online shop, started a project in 2017 for a National Customer Card, integrated with RetailVista. The existing NedFox’ e-Loyalty scheme was used for this purpose.

The objective of the ‘GroenRijk Customer Card’, called Groenkaart, is to gain an insight into the purchasing behaviour of GroenRijk customers and so, to enable effective communication to customers, based on the customers’ personal shopping history.

In the centres, the cards can be issued both physically and digitally (on a smartphone). A digital customer card can be applied for on the GroenRijk website or via the GroenRijk app.

The rollout started in January 2018. Some of the GroenRijk members already had their own customer card. The customer cards of these branches have been converted to the GroenRijk Groenkaart. Locations without their own customer card system could start directly with the Groenkaart.

A phased rollout was agreed and within 2 months, all locations were linked to the Groenkaart.

Paula Kruit, Marketing Executive – GroenRijk, about the Groenkaart: “After an exciting start, the first experiences with the Groenkaart are very positive indeed. Many more cards have been issued than we had predicted and the database with information about purchasing behaviour, is growing strongly. So, in the short term we have plenty to go on”.


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