RetailVista Parcel Service integration, so you can make your business more efficient

Track & Trace: Track deliveries

If you organise deliveries, usually from webshop orders, customers may like to track the shipment. RetailVista can register packages for parcel services. RetailVista stores the ‘Track & Trace barcode’ that the parcel service creates, for the specific delivery.

There are parcel services that send an e-mail with information to the customer, so they can follow the shipment. If this is not the case, you can use the track & trace barcode stored in RetailVista, to send your own messages. For the latter, a social media partner (e.g. your website/-shop and/or app builder) is required to provide the format and mail the message.

How does the RetailVista parcel service integration work?

When processing the order, you specify of how many packages the shipment consists of. This can be done in the back-office of RetailVista, as well as at the check-out.

When registering with the parcel service, the parcel service sends a track & trace barcode and the labels to be printed. In the case of shipments within the UK / Ireland, this will (as a rule), be 1 label. With shipments abroad, multiple labels will often be printed because of customs and export regulations.

Both the track & trace code and the labels are stored in RetailVista, with the order. When label printing fails, you can print it again.

With which parcel services is an integration established?

DHL PostNL logo

Currently, there are integrations with DHL and PostNL. RetailVista is able to integrate with other parcel services.

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