Cherry Hill Garden Centre (Middlesbrough) moves into ‘The Cloud’

Database conversion:
During March 2018, just before Easter, the Cherry Hill (Swan/G7) database was converted into RetailVista.

Main tills:
Upon arrival, the main- and restaurant tills where set-up. Within a couple of hours Cherry Hill was operating the new RetailVista tills. All cashiers were trained personally, in under 30 minutes each. For the cashiers the operating of the new RetailVista tills was not difficult at all. Apparently, “easier than the old tills”.

Training:For the logistical modules, 2 days of (intensive) on-site training was given to the managers: Paul, Nigel and Richard.

After fixing issue’s with the Wifi network, Cherry Hill is now using RetailVista Mobile on their handheld terminals (PDA’s). Currently they are using the following modules on the PDA: Stock, Stock taking, Ordering, Good-in, Statistics, Labelling, Sales orders, Basket and Item lists

Restaurant tills / Catering:
The restaurant, run by manager Jason, already designed their new touchscreen layouts.
NedFox made sure the existing kitchen printers could be re-used. So, after each order
created at one of the tills, the printer in the kitchen printed the note and beeped, until the note was processed the kitchen staff. Nice !
For Jason, who was anxious to change to the new tills (with almost 50+ tables in use from 11:00 to 14:00) switching to RetailVista all went fine without any disruptions or queueing.

Cherry hill is operating 4 new HP RP9 widescreen, touchscreen tills with customer (facing) display. One of the old tills was re-installed with RetailVista, so we could re-use the hardware. Paymentsense delivered the payment terminals, which will be/are integrated with RetailVista POS, so the cashiers don’t need to type-in the amount anymore on the terminals.
They are using 4 PDA’s with RetailVista Mobile.
The new Sato label-printer was connected. This label printer can be used from all pc’s and PDA’s, throughout the garden centre.