Purchase Invoice Control

Objectives of Purchase Invoice Control

The objective of Purchase Invoice Control is that you save time on your purchase invoice administration, because RetailVista will carry out control tasks.

You will gain a better understanding of your business and a number of other benefits, that are listed below.

All your purchase invoices are processed via RetailVista.
Invoices for overheads and stock are integrated with RetailVista and are easily transferred to your
accounts administration. You save money by working more efficiently.
The purchase invoice can be presented via EDI, email or on paper.

Through an simple process, the invoice is checked, authorised and booked for payment to your accounts

We have a partnership arrangement with Trouvé for the processing of purchase invoices that you receive via email,
or on paper, trough the “ABBYY Text Scanning Software and Solution”.

The goods-invoices are processed, fully integrated with the modules: Item maintenance, EDI, ABBYY,
Purchase orders, Goods receipt, Returns and Credit requests.

Savings achieved are around £ 4,300 per £1M dry-good sales (excl. VAT).

‘Improved insight’ means that you can achieve major benefits within your business operations and communication with your suppliers.

Not all benefits are directly quantifiable.

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Purchase Invoice Control

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