Physical customer counter : What is your conversion rate ?

Why is customer traffic and conversion important to know?

Most retailers use a combination of instinct and cash register/ePOS data to measure the number of customers they have had in the store, but your till can only measure the number of sales, not the number of customers who physically walked through the door.

With NedFox’ Physical Customer Counter you can now truly measure your maximum sales potential over actual sales through the till. As customers walk through your doors, a digital counter adds them up one by one. Then, by using simple reporting tools on the RetailVista ePOS suite we can calculate the traffic to sale conversion as a percentage. For example, if 100 people walk through your doors and the till registers 30 sales, you know that your traffic to conversion rate is 30%. Knowing this then gives you the power to work on increasing this percentage.

Tracking this from season to season can also offer some interesting results.

For example; your sales may be up year on year by 3%. But by measuring actual footfall with the Customer Counter you can see that the number of customers who came in to the business has increased by 8%. This 8% represents the maximum potential of increase in turnover and it is in understanding and capturing this valuable information that retailers can increase profits. Perhaps staff could be focused on engaging more customers, clearer POS material could be put up, and more enticing promotions can be used. Whatever you think you need to do to increase the conversion rate.

If the thought of Customer Counters increasing your turnover gets your retailer senses tingling then get in touch.

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Our simple and cost effective solution; transmitter/receiver + a controller.
It will even store data when there’s no internet connection.