Welcome to our 5 step tour for garden centre owners and managers curious about EPoS.

 You may just be browsing, or indeed gathering information for your business while considering your first EPoS solution. Or perhaps you are looking for a modern solution to replace an old EPoS system?

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NedFox RetailVista ePOS Till System

1. Easy to use Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS)

Serve your customers better with our smart, innovative, and easy to use EPoS. Our tills offer extremely fast sale speeds which reduces queue lengths and waiting times. Further, our integrated chip and pin allows for mistake free card payments. RetailVista also gives you the options of in-house gift cards and a powerful loyalty scheme. Our system was built to grow with you, allowing you to scale up with extra tills or functionality as the business grows. Want to become a multi-channel seller with webshop(s)? Choose RetailVista.

Easy and fast EPoS and Tills that enable you to interact and serve your customers better

2. Product Management, buying and stocks

Product Management – Fast, easy and simple to use. Like it should be.

With RetailVista you can easily import product data and supplier files. This can be done via spreadsheet files and is a huge timesaver on product management. Importing supplier data in this way avoids any costly human error in product data entry.

Real-time insight on stock and sales figures from anywhere in the world! Log into your back office from anywhere in the world through an internet browser. All sales and stock movements will happen on the back office in real-time, meaning you always have an up-to-the-second picture of how the business is performing. This information allows you to make the best purchasing decisions for your business at any given moment.

No more errors through constant manual data entry. No more costly mistakes.


3. Realtime Insights on your mobile or computer

Now it’s time to stay on top. Access your (sales/product) data 24-hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere. Your product information (including stock and purchase info) and statistics can be viewed on a computer through a web browser, or through our cutting edge retail app, ‘RetailVista Mobile’ available for your phone. Multi-site businesses are able to switch easily between combined or individual store reports and information.

Access your business data anytime, anywhere, for better informed business decisions.

4. Increase Turnover

There are two crucial ways in which RetailVista can help you increase your turnover. The first is that in general, EPoS is proven to increase turnover through correct use of stock control, time saving on tasks like ordering and reporting, and the improvement of all till processes (less mistakes, faster sales).

The second is by engaging your customers better than ever with loyalty schemes and personalised email marketing based on customer’s actual purchases. For example, when a customer buys an apple tree, an email can be automated with best care instructions, and maybe an apple pie recipe with links to your farmshop products to allow customers to buy and make it. The possibilities are endless and marketing to customers has been proven to be an excellent way of increasing sales.

You will also be able to add any sort of product promotion the business runs and even use some of our fun novelty functions such as (for example) ‘every 250th customer gets a gift/bonus loyalty/something fun!’

Easy and fast EPoS that enables you to engage and interact with your customers

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5. Increase Efficiency  

Once you are up and running with RetailVista, further solutions can be added and integrated with our software for true multi-channel retailing. Financial software solutions and webshops can be linked with RetailVista. Speak to us about the business systems in place already and we can explain how RetailVista will fit and help.


Thank you for reading the 5 steps tour for garden centres from RetailVista, we hope you have found this useful. If you are considering EPoS for your garden centre, click the link below to get in touch, and one of our team will contact you to discuss a special offer…

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