Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL’s by pricer)

NedFox impresses business owners with innovative Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL’s) by Pricer ESL; Update all your shelf edge pricing with the click of a button. No more paper printed labels. Saves time and money & Looks great.

The electronic shelf labels are manufactured by pricer.

Tuincentrum Osdorp in the Netherlands started a pilot together with NedFox for implementing Electronic Shelf labels.

Business owner is already enjoying the advantages on the esl label / ESL’s;
He is now able to change prices quickly with the shelf edge label instantly being modified accordingly.
No need for staff printing and walking around with paper shelf edge labels anymore.
Also happy-hour prices are available.

The digital shelf labels can run a couple of years without changing the battery. They are multi-colored to make it more attractive. The (digital) product barcodes on the digital price tags are scannable with your RetailVista Mobile devices.

For more information please contact NedFox.