EDI – Electronic Data Interchange

EDI – Digital data flow and communication between your business and your suppliers for faster and more accurate ordering and receiving of goods

NedFox’ EDI platform; RetailLink is used to optimise EDI messages between suppliers and individual stores. EDI is also used for intercompany deliveries.

  • EDI increases efficiency of all parties involved (suppliers, retailers and stores).
  • Information does not have to be entered manually, thereby saving time and ensuring correct information is always displayed.
  • Communication protocols X400, SMTP and FTP are supported.
  • FTP is ideal for sending larger messages (PRICAT / SLSRPT and INVRPT) because there are virtually no communication costs.
  • The RetailLink platform (website) is available to organisations who want to manage their own EDI-centre.
  • Keep reading for supported message types…

Supported EDI message types

  • ORDER – placing a purchase order from the supplier or an affiliate. Time saving and no errors in the delivery.
  • DESADV – delivery note message on receipt of goods from the supplier, resulting in a huge time savings for the retailer.
  • INVOICE – the supplier’s purchase invoice is based on previous deliveries made, providing a fast and correct control of the purchase invoice.
  • RETINS – message to inform suppliers that goods should be collected to return.
  • SLSRPT – a message to inform suppliers which items are sold from their range, very  useful with consignment agreements.
  • INVRPT – a message that provides information about the  master data and stock levels, often combined with SLSRPT.
  • PRICAT – message containing the master data and purchasing data of the suppliers’ products.
  • ORDRSP – confirmation of the order placed (and order raised, by supplier).
  • IFTMIN – message for the logistics service parcel carriers.

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About RetailVista

RetailVista by NedFox is the leading EPoS and management solution for garden centres. We have succesfully automated over 400 garden centres with over 2000 tills troughout Europe.

We understand that EPoS should work around your business, allowing you to become more efficient in all aspects of running your store. Everyone uses their EPoS differently as no two businesses are the same. We completely recognise this and give you the option of adding or removing modules as required; meaning you are not paying for what you are not using !