Bosrand Garden Centre Group 4+ Stores

In February 2020 NedFox finalised a migration project for the Bosrand garden centre group.

The Bosrand garden centre group is a family run business in Holland totalling 4 large stores. With around 40 tills between the 4 sites, each of the garden centres have become a destination site in their home districts in Holland.

The migration was needed to prepare them for a true/real omni-channel customer approach.

NedFox Bosrand Garden Centres

For each centre, extensive planning was needed to make sure that switching from their old systems to the new would work-out perfectly.

NedFox organised this migration for each centre, taking them from old to new overnight without any downtime!

Now the Bosrand group have a better view on stock levels on each store. This reporting is all from one dashboard, and in real-time.

Also, the ability for a better flow of inter-company deliveries was desired and is now a reality!

New drop-ship functionality will ready to go ‘live’ within just a few weeks.

Visit the Bosrand Garden Centres website here (tip – open the link in google chrome and it will translate the page from Dutch to English).

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