Why ePOS? 

We were operating a manual system before. We had little control of our stock and unable to monitor our losses. We needed a system which would allow us to optimise our stock levels, assess our losses and accurately monitor our seasonal sales. We needed to be able to access all data on site, and remotely.

Why NedFox?

NedFox offered a fully cloud based system, which could be logged onto from any location. All updates and software issues are carried out remotely. NedFox offered a future proof system which met all our requirements. They were able to guide us and our staff through the process of changing from a fully manual, paper system to a full EPOS system. Their system links up with our website and loyalty scheme, offering a one stop solution for all our needs.

What next?

At present we are still implementing our warehouse module. When this is completed and we are fully conversant with it, we may look at an online shop.

Any regrets?

No, we are happy with our choice of supplier. One of our initial concerns with selecting NedFox was that, they were a Dutch company based in the Nederland’s. There could have been language or geographical difficulties. This has not been a problem whatsoever. All support staff speak English and as it is a cloud based system it can be accessed remotely and any issues resolved. All training was either carried out here on site or online.

Any further comments?

We are now nearing the end of our implementation of the new EPOS system and are very happy with the end product. NedFox have adapted the existing system through updates to leave us with a system which is customised to suit our our own particular requirements.

Spring 2015 - Installation 8-till system:
Modules include:
Labelling, Statistics, Delivery on Account, Sales on Account, Invoicing, Sage Accounts Integration, Loyalty Scheme, National and Own Gift Cards, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Warehouse Location, Goods-In and Excel Interface. Also included - 4 PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) hand-held computers.

Mr. Matthew Steel - Commercial Manager, Taverham Nursery and Country Shopping Centre